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●There is a reception on the appointed date so I request a quick arrival.

●As a general rule, it will be a payment by cash on the appointed date.

●For each program, as a general rule there will be no postponement due to the rain, but the program may be suspended    according to the weather conditions.However, in the case of entering the site to do activities, then the carfare and lodging expenses will be charged to the customer.

●In the case of rain on the appointed day, if you contact us before the program begins then there will be cancellation charge.

●Cancellations due to the customer's circumstances will incur the following cancellation charge.

the day before 2-5days enforcement day 20%  the day before50%  enforcement day100% no communicate100%

●Follow the guide`s instruction.For safety measures,we may suspend the tour if there is a customer who does not follow the    directions or is disturbing the other customers.

●Depending on the program, we will deny customers who have been drinking or pregnant ladies.

​●Please be aware of the clothes that you wear on the appointed day.

●Please wear clothes suitable for outdoor activities.


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