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Kawaguchiko】Kawaguchi Asama Shrine & Beautiful Waterfall


We climb through a very favored Mt Fuji faith route in the Edo era. We start from Kawaguchi Asama Shrine registered as Mt Fuji World Cultural Heritage constitutional asset and aim at Mother's fall used as Misogi's place to purify with water. It is a course recommended with both nature and history to enjoy. Also, as it is an easy to walk route, those who are not strong enough in health can easily attend. "Kawaguchi Asama Shrine" famous for seven Japanese cedars, "Mother's white fall", a place to purify yourself with water surrounded by godly atmosphere, and "Mt. Fuji" seen from the observation deck, all of them are masterpieces. You can learn its history as well as feel refreshed by walking in the natural forest.
Included in the price:

Guide Fee/ Insurance Fee


clothes suitable for outdoor activities.


Kawaguchi Asama Shrine 河口浅間神社

● Small group tour (more detailed explanation can be heard)

● Unique? A knowledgeable and experienced guide

● Learn about Fuji Faith

● Climbing without difficulty

● Photo service, Pick up and pick-up service


All Year Around

【Morning】   10:00am - 12:00pm 

【Afternoon】 2:00pm -     4:00pm


1 集合場所(河口浅間神社参拝駐車場)にて受付、ツ

2 ツアー準備(準備体操、トイレ、)(5分)
3 河口浅間神社 参拝(正しい参拝の仕方/河口浅間

4 母の白滝に向け出発 自然林の中を歩いていきます

5 母の白滝/富士山展望 (35分)
6 折り返し下山     (20分)
7 河口浅間神社到着 ふりかえり (5分)

8 解散 (合計120分)
9 家で今日の思い出を浸る 



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