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865-230 Lake Yamanakako Yamanashi
2017. In order to offer more qualitative economical tour and nature experience activities, we formed a nature guide team who have knowledge and good experience and started this activity.
We offer you all highest pleasure with Mt. Fuji-sanroku's privileged nature. Enjoying yourself is priority. Please try to enjoy yourself by moving your body, with your wisdom and through new discoveries, enjoy rain and enjoy anything. I hope we can help somehow that you can enjoy.

We have the manifest that you can enjoy. The manifest would be changing day by day.The manifest is easy, but its is also important for you to be able to enjoy. The program will start from a moment you finish reading the manifest. We will be happy if your life will be more affluent through our program.

We provide the best possible nature experience at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Outdoor experience is the gift from the nature anyone can enjoy.

Please forget couple fighting during the program.

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