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Dynamic No.1 ! Japanese Grand canyon in Mt.Fuji area.


If you want to obtain Mt. Fuji's dynamism, you can join in this tour. We walk toward with a superb view of Japanese Grand Canyon. As it is a place with not much people, you can feel like specialized. It is characterized with many alpine plants. You can walk with comfortably by feeling mysterious nature made by nature. Guide who are familiar with plants and topography comes with you and you can learn much about them.
Included in the price:

Guide Fee/ Insurance Fee


clothes suitable for outdoor activities.


​Subashiri Road Station すばしり道の駅


● Small group tour (more detailed explanation can be heard)

● Unique? A knowledgeable and experienced guide

● Learn about Fuji Faith

● Climbing without difficulty

● Photo service, Pick up and pick-up service

All Year Around

9:00am - 4:00pm 


1 Receptionist at the meeting place

   (須走道の駅 Subashiri road station)

   Please pay for Ar fee.

2 Tour preparation (change of clothes, toilet,

    adjustment of feelingsEtc.)

3 Worship of the Suson Shrine

4 Subashiri guchi mountain climbing walking




Japanese Grand Canyon


5th meeting Subashiri guchi mountain climbing road


5 Reflection

Pick up with our car → Go to the station on the Well side

Option tour to climb the climbing road

We are located. For people with confidence in physical fitness / experienced people

It will be a tour.

6 Return safely

7 I will soak in memories of the day

時間 Time fluctuates depending on the progress of the tour

There is a case.

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