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Yoshida-guchi mountain path is one mentioned by Mt. Fuji faith. In addition, it is surrounded with beautiful green as located lower than the sixth-gome (forest limitation). We can enjoy climbing as well as we can pass through Yoshida-guch mountain path which makes us attract our intellectual interest with a guide. As the guide explains Mt. Fuji faith to be understood well at the spot, you can comfortably climb it with advice. Through the ancient route, why do not you climb the route used as Mt. Fuji-ko climbing and attend a different taste of Mt. Fuji climbing? The ancient people's established route makes you feel a mysterious world splendid.

Guide Fee/ Insurance fee


clothes suitable for outdoor activities.


Kitaguchi Hong Shrine 北口本宮浅間神社​

● Small group tour (more detailed explanation can be heard)

● Unique? A knowledgeable and experienced guide

● Learn about Fuji Faith

● Climbing without difficulty

● Photo service, Pick up and pick-up service

​All Year around

9:00am - 4:00pm 


1 Meet at shrine(Kitaguchi Hong Shingen shrine)

2 Tour preparation(change cloth / toilet and so on)
3 worship/lecture of worship/About Shinto神道

4 Yoshida trail walking


  1st station

  2nd station

  3rd station

  4th station

  5th station
5 Reflect memories 

  Please take public bus or taxi from 5th station to

       departure point (shrine or station)

  There is  option tour to dissenting to Yoshida trail. but 

       this tour for only person who have experience/who

       have confidence with physical fitness. 

6 Going home with  good memories

  ⚠︎Depending on progress of the tour, time may change

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