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Climbing Mt.Fuji



 A idiot who has not climbed up Mt.Fuji.

Also, a idiot who has climbed up Mt.Fuji twice. 

Why don`t you climb mount fuji when you visit Japan?

​Mt/Fuji is symbol of Japan and highest mountain in Japan.

It would be good experience to you.

The sunrise viewing from the top of the mountain is so beautiful. Japanese people view the sunrise as good luck.

we support to reach to the summit for you. 

Holding season

1 night 2 days
(beginning of July - beginning of September)

THE HIGHEST PEAK do not climb bullet tour(departure 5th station at night) for safety,

Please inquire us about  Fuji Climbing

Please inquire us about rates and schedule. I'd like to decide climbing plan with you. We will offer special Fuji climbing for you.It  is free for consultation and estimate. We are also able to consult about climbing  and other sightseeing information around Mt. Fuji,Fuji Five Lake Area. Please feel free to contact us.

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